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Welcome to Witch School! 

Are you seeking a simpler, more natural spiritual life?  
Have you always sensed that there is something much deeper that is calling you? Something hovering on the edge that you need to see, but when you turn your mind it escapes you?

If so, you are not alone. Today’s busy lifestyles don't provide much room for spirituality. Many of us yearn to find a path to a more measured and magical approach to life; one that honours the environment and provides guidance that will help us attune with Mother Earth.

“The earth is alive and all of life is sacred and interconnected.” ~ Reclaiming Principles of Unity

Earth-based spirituality is both old and brilliantly new. It speaks to our deepest Neolithic memories and draws on the teachings of our Indigenous, Celtic, Basque, Greek and Roman ancestors. Today, modern witchcraft is experiencing an important resurgence in our society. Women and men of all ages are realizing that we must seek and appreciate the Feminine Divine and live in a way that respects humanity and celebrates nature. Some of us feel called to follow a sacred path that leads to self-knowledge and the exploration of invisible worlds.

What is Witch School?

Starting from in-person classes in Canada’s National Capital, Witch School is now available online! 


We teach the basics of modern feminist Witchcraft in a way that allows students to awaken and explore their own earth-based spiritual path.

Students will study the history of Pagan tradition and Goddess spirituality, learn how to attune to solar and lunar cycles, celebrate seasonal Sabbats and acquire skills in magical practice.  


Witch School will be a starting point for those young to the Craft and a more deepening experience for others who are seasoned.


Classes take place in gentle ritual weekly with Witch School 1 and 2 lasting 6 consecutives weeks, and Witch School 3 diving deeper, lasting 6 months.

We’re also available for other types of events:

Are you interested in a one-week in-person intensive course?

Are you looking for presenters to speak on topics relating to the Craft?

Are you planning an online or in-person event and need a keynote speaker?

Let us know: info.witchschool@gmail.com

 “When I sit in my springtime garden and see last year’s autumn oak leaves woven among grasses and bright blooming daffodils, or when the sky is dark with winter rain and all of the power of the elements is unleashed, or bees and butterflies busy themselves around me in the summer warmth, then I am moved and shaken, filled with love and awe and reverence.  For ours is a religion of the earth and our most powerful encounters with the divine are often in the little things that pass by those whose lives are entangled with the cut and thrust of modern life.“ ~ Elen Hawke, The Sacred Round

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