Curriculum Overview

We teach the basics of modern feminist Witchcraft in a way that allows students to awaken and explore their own earth-based spiritual path.​ Students will study: the history of pagan tradition and Goddess spirituality; learn how to attune to solar and lunar cycles; celebrate seasonal Sabbats; acquire skills in practical magic.  


WitchSchool will be a starting point for those seeking to deepen their craft, as well as for those seasoned, to experience an ongoing sacred circle and be part of a wider Witch community. 


Classes take place in gentle ritual, weekly at first for 12 weeks, then a one-month project break for independent work, followed by classes once a month for 6 months, paired with mentorship with a crone to deepen.

WitchSchool students celebrate their achievements with an official graduation ceremony. This ceremony happens between Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the 11-month program. With capes and crowns, speeches, sacred circle dance with your teachers, alumnae, and invited family, WitchSchool acknowledges the efforts and growth of each individual student and offers a Rite of Passage into Leadership.

Program Outline


First 6 weeks, students begin in circle, learning:

  • basics of starting a sacred circle;  

  • theory/history of ancient traditions/ beliefs related to earth-based spirituality (Neolithic, Palaeolithic and Sumerian times). 

In classroom, learning:

  • ancient feminist archeological digs; 

  • belief systems of the ancient pagan religions;

  • mythologies of many of the Great Goddesses of the world, as represented by Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes

In sharing, learning

  • exploring the feminine/masculine belief systems within their own lives using Jungian metaphors/symbology.  


Using a classroom model with Powerpoint presentations, this section of the curriculum involves homework that includes reviewing documentaries and writing reflections, as well as, generating an at-home space in which to begin a private trance/meditation/ altar area.


Second 6 weeks, student continue hands-on, learning:

  • next steps to practicing their Witches' tools/craft within a sacred circle;  

  • using the five directions of earth, air, fire, water, spirit, and their corresponding cardinal directions (N, E, S, W)

Weekly instructors, teaching kinesthetically:

  • tools/healing arts of Witchcraft:

  • managing conflict, shapeshifting, herbal magic, 

  • sacred circle dance, spiral dance, psychic skills and mediumship, shielding for protection,

  •  trance deepening, tarot reading, ancient hand drum techniques. 


Students are expected to attend all classes, actively participating with tools and candles; openly sharing their experiences of practicing these techniques for homework every week.

One month break for independent work


Next 6 months, monthly classes, moving towards leadership by:

  • engaging in a ceremony of re-entering, and;

  • participating in a leadership ceremony attended by guests and witnesses, as well as, all faculty and past alumnae. 

Diving deeply into questions;

  • what are their goals of leadership, and;

  • what is personal leadership and how best to offer their skills to their community? 


During this phase each student is assigned a mentor/Crone and may pursue guidance, if desired, to ensure they are successful in their leadership intention and goals.

Upon graduating, students become known as WitchSchool alumnae, and have access to groups created by and for WitchSchool alumnae.


Here are some of such groups alumnae can join:

Kitchen Witchin, Badass Babes Book Club, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Circle Dancing, Death Doula, Art Witches, Artemistics (choir, drumming and chanting), Ancestral Healing, Around the Goddess Public Ceremonies, École de la Belle Sorcière, WitchSchool teacher training,  Stregheria for Italian Witches, Sacred Postures, Feminist Activism,  Sacred Travel, The Sacred Order of Brigid’s Well, Witches and River Keepers, Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies and so many other groups, including groups you choose to create, facilitate, and moderate.

Dates for the next class cohort, beginning Fall 2021

Phase 1

October 18th

October 25th

November 1st

November 8th

November 15th

November 22nd

Phase 2

November 29th

December 6th

December 13th

December 20th

January 3rd

January 10th


One Month Break: January 10th to February 7th


'Graduation into leadership' ceremony: February 7th

Phase 3

One class per month

March 7th 

April 4th

 May 2nd 

June 6th 

July 11th


Final class and Lammas ritual: August 1st

Class is held over Zoom video, 

The next cohort, beginning Fall 2021, will be held in


Facebook is a requirement to participate.

Dates are subject to adjustments.

 WitchSchool Faculty



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Shape Shifting


Herbal Magic


Conflict Resolution in

Sacred Space


Mediumship &

Psychic Skills



Tarot & Drumming


Healings Arts & Shielding


Sacred Circle Dancing


WitchSchool Crone

Admission Process

All potential WitchSchool students will complete an online application form, and if selected, will participate in an admissions interview in order to ensure each class has varied-experienced levels. 


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Admission Acceptance


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