Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WitchSchool cost?


WitchSchool is a small private and supportive school classroom that is offered globally online. The cost of enrolment for new students is $1,600.00 for a one-year immersive program and a lifetime of ongoing alumnae connections.


What is the time commitment?


During the first and second semester, classes take place once a week -- you will spend 2 hours in class (currently hosted online) and will be assigned one hour of solo homework to complete before the following class. The third semester class takes place once a month and includes more in depth homework focused on personal and community leadership and mentoring with your faculty, your assigned crone and your class peers. WitchSchool semesters 1 and 2 last 6 consecutive weeks, WitchSchool semester 3 dives deeper, lasting 6 months to completion.

I don’t have any experience as a witch, is this essential?


WitchSchool is offered for witches at all levels - from beginners and ‘baby witches’ aged 18 and older to experienced witches and seasoned crones. 


Take a gap year with us


WitchSchool is perfect for those who’d like to take a gap year from the traditional academic curriculum and spend focused energy experiencing personal empowerment and growth. It is a space to learn and to practice and be together. 

I have been practicing solo witchcraft for many years, do I have to stop doing that?


Solo witches are welcomed to experience practicing the craft together within a well-established community. You are encouraged to explore your own solo education and practice outside of class; however, we ask that it not interfere with your time commitments to WitchSchool classes.


Can I register for just one semester?


No, the program is offered as a complete program over 3 semesters.


How do I register?


All potential WitchSchool students are required to complete an intake interview to ensure they are the right fit for the small cohort class that is being curated. This is the value of a small private school. Contact us at and request an intake interview. 


I am unable to pay the full price upfront. Do you have a payment plan? 


If you cannot pay in full, WitchSchool can accommodate you in a few ways:

  • Automatic monthly payments or 4-week installment payment plans are available and can be discussed during your intake interview. Payment in full must be made by the end of your second semester.

  • Family and Friends fees are available and can be discussed during a combined intake interview with you and your friend or family member

Do you offer a discount to those who pay in full? 


If you pay your tuition upfront and in full, you will receive a $200 discount.


Will we meet in person eventually? 


Classes will be held online during the critical pandemic times. However in time and when it is safe we will meet in person. This program is offered in-person in the Quebec and Ontario area (Ottawa/Gatineau region) but also in Mexico, New Zealand, in Asia (particularly in Taiwan or Seoul), in the UK (mostly in Ireland) and across the US and Canada. 


We also travel and conduct week-long intensive studies in various countries - this opportunity is available for a class of 8 or more people in a given city. This is a wonderful way to receive the systems and pathways you need to set up a sustainable witches circle community in your country and city. Coverage for travel and accommodation will be required.


COVID-19 UPDATE: All classes are now online.


Do I have to have my video camera on all the time during class? 


Yes please - we want to see you and experience this together. (Note: Classes are not recorded)

I don’t use Facebook. Do I have to join the WitchSchool private Facebook Group page when I enroll?


Ideally, yes. The Facebook private group is a key place where notes, homework and extra materials for discussions are exchanged. Being part of this group will certainly expand your connection with the material and your class and help you do complete your homework.


Do you welcome all genders into WitchSchool?


WitchSchool welcomes persons of all backgrounds, genders and identities. We orient our approach and language around the sacred feminine vocabulary that lives in all of us (mother nature) and our Goddess mythologies and pronouns within this curriculum are feminine. Trans women may particularly enjoy WitchSchool as a way to reaffirm their sacred place in this world as incredible feminine intuitives, seers and divine deities. You will learn stories of the divine feminine through the ages and from around the world and we will turn these myths inwards and presented as a divine Goddess spirituality for human empowerment.

How can I be sure this is right for me?


At WitchSchool, we believe that you just intuitively know you are a witch. This may be something you have only just realized or you may have known it all of your life. 


You may identify in various ways:

Green Witch

Kitchen Witch

Healer Witch

Herbal Witch 

Psychic or Seer Witch

Political Activist Witch

Anthropological Witch

Academic Witch

Gateway Witch

Badass Witch who wants to dislodge a patriarchy

Artist Witch

Trans Witch

Environmental Activist Witch

Change Agent Witch

Disrupter Witch

Rebel Witch

Contrarian Witch


The list goes on and on!! These are just some of the ways you might identify or that others have called you at some point.


To join WitchSchool, candidates are required to complete an intake interview, where you will share your spiritual and practical goals, and you will learn more about the school and its programs. This interview is casual but important to ensure all students who join our small classroom program are the right fit within the next cohorted class.


I have a lot going on in my life right now and I’m not sure I’m able to fully commit the financial and time resources I will need to. 


WitchSchool is seeking prospective students who are committed to a program of serious study. If you are unable to manage the cost and time required, we encourage you to follow the online content on our website or we can recommend another program for you. 


I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. How do I enroll?


Wonderful! If you’d like to join us, you can reach us through our contact page. We will set up an intake interview to discuss your curiosity and your eligibility. We are always enrolling, so if it is too late for the next cohort, perhaps the one after may work.


We seek to facilitate small classrooms and to engage a theme for each cohort. For example, a class of students may all identify as maidens, mothers or crones, share similar interests or be at a very beginner or senior level of spiritual study.


Can my 15-year-old daughter enroll?


At the moment, all students must be at least 18 years of age. Please stay tuned, as we develop our Kids WitchSchool and youth programs.


I have friends who want to join. Can they enrol too?


Absolutely. All those interested in enrolling can contact us through our contact page to set up their student intake interview.


This is not for me cost-wise. Do you know of a program that I can take that is free or has a sliding scale or is free? 


Absolutely. We have many ideas and books for you to consider. There are many online resources and public earth-based spirituality courses that may be at a much lower cost. We are a very small and curated private school with a focus on deepening and personal transformation. As witches, you will bend, shape and spark into a renewed and empowered person after the 12 months. We have many alumnae that can attest to this.


How does WitchSchool relate to the practice of Wicca? How do I know if this is for me? Can I try it out?


There are schools of Wicca available in many languages and countries. The WitchSchool approach is inclusive of different spiritualities and based on students’ unique areas of interest and deepening. WitchSchool has been developed as a private curriculum and includes content from a variety of sources including the Reclaiming Collective and the work of the author Starhawk. 


What are WitchSchool influences?


WitchSchool has been influenced by Goddess traditions from around the world that are known as ‘Dianic’ and has deep roots in the works of the Reclaiming Collective and their witch camps around the globe.


If I have to withdraw suddenly, what is the implication for me and for my class peers?


Withdrawal due to any unforeseen circumstances is understood and considered on a case-by-case basis. However, tuition is non-refundable. We try and find a way to keep you connected to class and to your peers and to move you along through the curriculum so that you do not miss any reading material. 

How is the WitchSchool program structured? 


The first semester (6 weeks) is a study of the history of the traditions that have informed our practice as witches. Beginning with an archeological retrospective and a timeline, we review the work of historians and anthropologists. We seek to understand the sacred divine femine and matrilineal traditions through the ages and how they gave rise to women’s spiritual traditions such as the practice of witchcraft. We also provide an overview of many different pagan and neo pagan movements to modern day practices. 


The first semester is scholarly and rooted in a linear way of learning. We open and close every class with ritual and sharing and an integrated approach to learning dance, chanting, songs, herbs for smudging, stones for healing and personal ancestral reviews. Sharing and personal contributions of our own developments are encouraged in every class. 


The second semester (also 6 weeks) includes more hands-on learning. We ask that you source various products independently in advance to prepare for the lessons on herbal magic, tarot and drumming. We have various faculty teaching during the second semester. These faculty teach sacred circle dancing, trance and psychic channeling, creating safe boundaries and shielding when you are a healer, shape-shifting and trance, divination and tarot, etc.


Following semester two we take a month off to let all the last 12 weeks of school germinate. We call this a planting break. We then host a leadership ceremony that we as a community of WitchSchool alumnae and faculty invite you into. This ceremony leads you into your final semester which is themed as Leadership for Witches. 


The third and final semester takes place once a month in-class for 6 months and ends with a class project of leading a community ritual. Prior to this semester you will be matched with a mentor/crone and you will set an intention for your leadership activation both in your community but also personally. This semester teaches you leadership skills and group dynamics. We form, storm and norm and develop a living laboratory to heal our mother and sister wounds and to actively be facilitating groups, projecting our voice and learning to lead for our own empowerment. 


The final class completes the year together and culminates in a shared leading ritual for the wider community around the earth's holiday. As many as 60 to 100 people might attend the ritual led by this class of students.


The alumnae community of WitchSchool is strong and often continues well beyond class. Affinity groups have formed and joined in an intergenerational spiritual community of women from many walks of life. Well resourced and full of great change agents, healers and entrepreneurs - the WitchSchool alumnae community is a proud extension of WitchSchool and enjoy contributing back to the school either as faculty or as facilitators and experts and as crones and mentors to new students. 


What do I have to commit to?


You are committing yourself to 3 hours a week of class and homework, for the length of the 1 year program. Emotionally, you are making a commitment to yourself and to your small classroom of peers, teachers and crones to be engaged and without prejudice towards your fellow witches and their learnings and teachings.

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