There was Magic

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

When I look at that image of the bright and beautiful faces of the amazing women who have become so dear to me, I still feel the magical energy that shone so bright then and now.

On the night that photo was taken, we had just tumbled into the room at the back of the cottage, laughing and hugging each other. We were celebrating our graduation from Level 2 of Witch School. We felt empowered, excited and full of hope for the future.

Less than a year before that photo was taken, some of us hadn’t even met. We would have passed in the street, or sat beside each other in a coffee shop, oblivious to that fact that someday we would share a path that would change our lives in the most wondrous of ways.

Yes, there was magic that night and there was magic in the way we had come together—it was there in that moment when we each decided that the time was right for Witch School. It was there when we each took a deep breath and entered the door to attend our first class.

I will never forget that first class. We sat in circle on the floor, shyly checking each other out and examining the lovely gifts that our teacher had offered us. And on that first night, we opened our notebooks and our hearts and began a journey that would deepen our experience as women.

We learned how to ground ourselves, how to cleanse and smudge, how to cast and close a circle, how to create an altar and how we could use Goddesses such as Artemis, Isis, Inanna, Astarte, Cali, Hecate, Persephone, Yemaya to “aspect” both within and without. We learned about the history of witch craft and about different types of modern earth-based and pagan spiritualities. We learned about the power of the four directions and the importance of the wheel of the year.

And over the course of our training, we identified our own physical and sensory pleasures and how as women, we had a special power that was so closely aligned with Mother Earth. We began to see ourselves as modern witches, kitchen witches, eclectic, green and white witches. And we looked into our hearts and placed ourselves as Maiden, Mother or Crone.

More than anything, we sang together, our voices rising in unison and we danced and we tranced together. We learned how to use tools such as athames, brooms, pentacles, crystals, candles, herbs and yes. . . even how to plan and ethically cast a spell. We learned about the mother wound and how to gaze at our own selves in the mirror and see our own and each others’ beauty.

Yes, I still look at that picture and am filled with wonder and gratitude for all that I have learned in WitchSchool and most of all, for my new-found sisters in spirit.