Lady of the Lake Ceremony

Who is the Lady of the Lake?

The Lady of the Lake is also known as Nimue or Viviane. She is an enchantress deriving from medieval tales and mythology associated with the great King Arthur legends. She is known for handing Arthur the sword of Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, the magician and raising Lancelot on a lake, which gives her the name “Lady of the Lake".

Lady of the Lake Ceremony

The divine Lady of the Lake will grant us answers by offering our bodies to the lake through these steps:

  1. Honour the Lake. Begin by asking yourself “How will I honour the Lady of the Lake?” Think about the history of the lake, your ancestors who once used the same water, how the earth changes it and how the spirit of the Lady finds her way to you through that water. Then thank and respect the water.

  2. Prepare your intention. Before you enter the water, ground yourself, breathe, stand strong, and prepare the question that you will ask the Lady of the Lake.

  3. Sing or chant.

  4. Begin submersion. Aloud, ask your question to the Lady of the Lake, then completely submerge your body into the water, aware that when you come back up, your answer will be revealed.

  5. Listen to your intuition. As you come up for your first breath, the Lady of the Lake will have granted you your answer.

  6. Acceptance. Allow your body to float and rest. Move with the water and sing to a song or chant. Swim with your answer and understand the response provided by the Lady of the Lake is your intuition providing clarity.

  7. Return. Release your body from the water. Take a silent walk with a candle or torch and reflect on your answer given.


  • Complete the ceremony during a full moon.

  • Use a body of water that has meaning.

  • Share with a friend or loved one.