How To Know If You're a Witch

Updated: Feb 14

That’s the big and spicy question you may be asking yourself. It might be the first time you’ve asked it or, if you’re like me, it might be the 107th time (because it’s that time of the year again)! Whether it’s your first-time dwelling on this red-hot burning question or not, it always comes down to one, simple answer:

You know you're a witch when you identify as a one.

I know! I know! “boring”, am I right? This simple, heart-felt answer may not seem as fun as filling out an online quiz (which never quite gives you the result you wanted, so you do it a second time, just to make sure!). It’s also not as dramatic as spending long hours of hard work on hoping to find traces of witches in your family tree. And, it certainly doesn’t feel the same as going through the list of “signs” that you’re a witch on the web, trying desperately to relate and find the answer that you, deep down, already know! Still, it’s the truth.

Of course, you can still do all these things; Take the quiz! Discover your roots! Read up on the subject! But you’ll find that, in a community like the one that WitchSchool builds, it all comes down to one thing:

Magick is the ability to build, shape and bend your reality with the power of your intention; Since everyone has that ability, everyone is magick. Therefore whether an online quiz confirms it or not, and even if your great-great-great-grand-father’s mother was known as the “crazy old lady” in town or you like to spend time in nature, you are a witch the moment you identify as one.

It’s that simple.

- By WitchSchool Alum