The inspiration behind WitchSchool

Faculty at WitchSchool are often former student graduates who’ve chosen a certain area of work to deepen and study after graduation. Not all are self proclaimed Witches. We have a wide selection of university professors, healers, herbalists, psychotherapists, artists and administrators. We love our teachers and believe that each of them facilitate a deepening through their lectures, practical teachings and mentoring. Always available and humbled by their own learning edge -we select WitchSchool teachers to form a collective advisory group that seek to improve the curriculum every year. Actively participating in the success of each student, our teachers are excellent at what they offer the student in class, and until they complete their final project at the end of the twelve months.


Healing holds a central place in the tradition of WitchSchool and stemming from the reclaiming tradition in San Francisco, a branch of contemporary paganism unites magic and political activism. Rituals are opportunities to bring about healing and are commonly structured around a three-fold model: healing the self, healing each other and the community, and healing the earth. Through this model, practitioners engage with self-empowerment, community-building and political activism, but conflicts arise over the projection of personal healing techniques onto the larger scale of earth healing. Drawing on empirical research and personal involvement, this paper explores the interconnected web of healing, magic, and activism in the reclaiming tradition.

Along with Activism comes the most urgent need of our environment, to care for the Great Mother herself; Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. — Graham Bell, The Permaculture Way

Permaculture has been invigorating our Pagan culture for many years. From Austin to Montreal, witches and activists practicing earth-based spirituality are using the systems taught in permaculture design courses to organize everything from farms to finances.

Starhawk, author of many books and workshops, has been a prime mover of this movement, with her Earth Activist Training melding Pagan spirituality with permaculture design.

By the earth that is her body,

And by the waters of her living womb.......

By the fire of her bright spirit,

And by the air that is her breath......

May the peace of the Star Goddess go into your hearts…

Originally by Victor Anderson, edited & adapted version from Starhawk’s The Earth Path

Starhawk would be considered a main influence on the teaching of WitchSchool. As WitchSchool is not considered Wicca, but more of an eclectic mix of non-linear learning in the healing arts. In this program a Witch is similar to Starhawk, also a peace activist, ecofeminist, author, and teacher in Earth Activist Training. She is best known as a co-founder of the Reclaiming Collective and as the author of the contemporary pagan classic The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess which has been continuously in print for thirty years. Starhawk’s early Witch teachers were Victor and Cora Anderson of the legendary Feri Tradition. Early in her career, as a craft teacher. she started using the name “Starhawk”. Taken after she had a dream of a hawk flying across the starlit sky. One of Starhawk’s latest books, The Earth Path, traces her work in combining Earth-based spirituality, permaculture, organizing, and activism. Have a google search of her books and workshops and you’ll have a good idea about what seeds were planted to grow WitchSchool started in Canada.