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About WitchSchool

Have you always sensed something much deeper calling you? Something hovering at the edge that you need to see, but when you turn your mind it escapes you? This is your "ancient" intuition calling you back home. 

As a child, you would have had an abundance of this intuition, but have since lost it. WitchSchool classes include an intensive connection to the “herstory” of these ancient traditions, practical theories of cleansing, healing, casting circles and studying the elements, along with deep intuitive-building trances for attunement.

Participants begin with the heart of ancient mythology and early rights of passage, shaping their knowledge and experience towards a powerful personal transformation, as sequenced through 3 semesters.

"To be a Witch . . . is to enter a different universe, a world that is alive and dynamic, where everything is part of an interconnected whole, where everything is always speaking to us, if only we have ears to listen."

Starhawk, The Earth Path

WitchSchool Founder

Kiki Keskinen


I am a Witch by my lineage. A Celtic Green Witch was my personal direction from the time I felt the sacredness of the forest. When I was 20 years old I was invited to a sacred circle by women twenty years my senior; for eighteen years, we met every month. I learned Witch work from these women who are now deeply involved in WitchSchool as elder Crones, advisors and faculty. 

WitchSchool, as it is today, started out of rage and frustration when watching a political rally and hearing the crowd chant ‘Lock Her Up!’, referencing and reaching back in history to the burning times. In those times anyone who was not pious, or following the accepted religion and patriarchy, would have been tried in the unjust courts of either public opinion or the legal system. Punishment was usually drowning or persecution or ostracization. This was not that long ago and in some ways is still close to the surface in the form of mistrusting that which one does not understand and therefore vilifying it. This is a part of history and in order to enable change in the future, the feminine mindset and the interdependency of nature and humans must be pushed to the forefront and trusted. 

My hope for WitchSchool is that it will serve as the spiritual backbone of activism and personal transformation for the students. By studying ancient philosophy and practises, and looking back towards nature and archeology’s ceremonialized rituals, WitchSchool expands the diversity of thought and aims to grow feminine thinking for problem-solving in today’s society.


The school reflects a "doing" rooted in nature-based and liberal supportive laws, and grows from the simple idea: what you put out into the world is returned to you three-fold. WitchSchool delights in offering a feminine spiritual basis for social activism, as well as ecological respect for Mother Nature and Her wisdom.

Is WitchSchool for you?

The Witches amongst us are eco minded, book learners, and open to earth-based spirituality.

They're interested in learning more about Goddess spirituality and mythology. 

Are 18 years old and beyond, and want to practice healing arts, ancestry, practical magic,
and community activism. 

Not every student, alumni, or faculty self-identify as a Witch or as female - we welcome all!

WitchSchool is rooted in Canada and honours the values and Indigenous traditions of the land. Most Witch School staff and faculty live on unceded Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ, Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Mohawk) and Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) lands (also referred to as the Ottawa Gatineau area). We request that all students learn about and develop an ongoing practice of acknowledging the history and Indigenous traditions of the lands where they live. (See  

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to begin your spiritual awakening ?

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