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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WitchSchool cost?

WitchSchool is a small private and supportive school classroom that is offered globally online. The cost of enrolment for new students is $1,600.00 for a one-year immersive program and a lifetime of ongoing alumnae connections.

What is the time commitment?

During the first and second semester, classes take place once a week - you will spend 2 hours in class (currently hosted online) and will be assigned one hour of solo homework to complete before the following class. The third semester class takes place once a month and includes more in depth homework focused on personal and community leadership and mentoring with your faculty, your assigned crone and your class peers. WitchSchool semesters 1 and 2 last 6 consecutive weeks, WitchSchool semester 3 dives deeper, lasting 6 months to completion.

I don’t have any experience as a Witch, is this essential?

WitchSchool is offered for Witches at all levels - from beginners and ‘baby Witches’ aged 18 and older to experienced Witches and seasoned crones.

Can I register for just one semester?

No, the program is offered as a complete program over 3 phases.

How will classes be impacted by COVID-19?

Classes will be held online during the critical pandemic times. However in time and when it is safe we will meet in person. This program is offered in-person in the Quebec and Ontario area (Ottawa/Gatineau region) but also in Mexico, New Zealand, in Asia (particularly in Taiwan or Seoul), in the UK (mostly in Ireland) and across the US and Canada. We also travel and conduct week-long intensive studies in various countries - this opportunity is available for a class of 8 or more people in a given city. This is a wonderful way to receive the systems and pathways you need to set up a sustainable witches circle community in your country and city. Coverage for travel and accommodation will be required.

I don’t use Facebook. Do I have to join the WitchSchool private Facebook Group page when I enroll?

Ideally, yes. The Facebook private group is a key place where notes, homework and extra materials for discussions are exchanged. Being part of this group will certainly expand your connection with the material and your class and help you do complete your homework.

What is the admission process?

All potential WitchSchool students are required to complete an intake interview to ensure they are the right fit for the small cohort class that is being curated. This is the value of a small private school. Contact us at and request an intake interview.